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5 treats we know your Rabbit will LOVE!

December 06, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

5 treats we know your Rabbit will LOVE!

All pets deserve love, shelter and most importantly: treats! And bunnies are no exception, they deserve the best treats you can find. So read on for to see our 5 favourite bunny treats that you'd be hopping mad not to get.


No. 1: Excel Apple Snacks

Excel has two of our favourite rabbit treats,  the first being the Excel Apple Snacks. The Apple snacks are just that: apple! And your bunny will love them, as they're covered in tasty parsley and thyme that will have your rabbits senses tingling and have them nibbling at their cage for more!


No. 2: Excel Gnaw Sticks

Bunnies absolutely adore Excel Gnaw Sticks, they are full of great fibre and are 100% natural. These sticks will keep your rabbit entertained for hours and will help their teeth too! Most bunnies need something to gnaw on so they can wear down their teeth a bit, and if their anything like some of the bunnies we know they usually like to use their cage as a chewing post! These sticks are perfect for diverting their attention from the cage and letting them chew on the sticks instead.


No. 3: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Nothing truly compares to the nutritional value of Fruits and Vegetables when it comes to rabbits. They love the freshness and it keeps them super healthy. The best vegetables for your rabbit includes things such as asparagus, bell peppers, clovers, eggplant and parsley. Where fruits are concerns they should be used more sparingly and in small amounts fruits such as apples, blackberries, pineapple and melon are perfect for your little bunny friends.

No. 4: Fruity Sticks and Harvest Munch

Nothing is more fun for your bunny than chewing on delicious formed mixes of different seeds, fruits and nuts. Hang them in your bunnies cage for a really tasty treat or hide the munch underneath a pile of fresh hay and see if they can find it for a delicious treasure hunt!

No.5: Excel Forage

Although technically this isn't specifically a treat you can mix it up in their regular hay for added flavour and keep your rabbits diet a bit more varied. Or even but a little bit on top of their food bowl as a little treat before they get their food to give them extra fibre and fun. Or maybe make only their bedding area out of this super tasty grass so that they have a special room to go eat their favourite hay!

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