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8 Useful Life Hacks for you and your Horse!

May 20, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

8 Useful Life Hacks for you and your Horse!

8 Simple Horse Life Hacks:

1 - Milk Bottle Feed Scoops 🥛🍎

The first life hack helps you save money on buying feed scoops (or if yours breaks and you need a quick replacement) by simply making one from an old plastic milk bottle.

Milk bottle life hack


2 - Showjumping with added P-zazz tape ✨🐎

Make your old poles and fillers stand out with some snazzy duct tape: It’s quicker, cleaner and easier alternative to using paint! You can get a wide range of coloured and patterned duct tape so go crazy with your designs! eBay is a great place to look for inspiration.  

Duct tape

3 - Rugs falling off their poles? 🐎💙

If you store your rugs on rug poles and often find that they send up on the floor from falling off just wrap some cohesive bandage around the poles and, naturally, gripping power will hold the rug in place! Also works great if you have saddle poles in your lorry/trailer and find your tack slipping as you travel.

rug pole

4 - Baby Wipes; Because your horse is your child. 👶🐴

Baby wipes are your new best friend. They're great for cleaning your horses’ eyes and nostrils, giving a last-minute wipe over to boots, and making yourself look presentable before leaving the yard!

baby wipes

5 - Abscesses? Stick a nappy over it 🏥🚼

Nappies make great padding for poulticing feet abscesses. Put your poultice in place next to the hoof then put the nappy on over the top, the sticky tabs and elasticated sides help it fit perfectly to the foot, then simply vet wrap and tape the foot. 

simple nappy wrap

6 - Make groom-time easy for both of you. 💇🚿

Make clipping smoother and mud easier to remove with canter shine. A quick application of canter shine before clipping will help the blades glide through the coat and canter shine applied to a clean coat will help make grooming mud off much easier, as it doesn’t stick as much to the coat.

women grooming a horse

7 - Award-worthy tail ribbons 🐴🎗

If you need a green tail ribbon for a young horse or red one for a kicky creature then cut the tails off of old rosettes to make a quick and easy tail ribbon. Or braid them into your horses tail for a cool plait!

tail ribbons

8 - Event Time Management 🖋🚚

Whilst at an event if you find it hard to remember your times buy a whiteboard marker and write them on your trailer/lorry plastic partition or door. Then once the event is done simply wipe them off!

marker pens

There you have it, 8 super easy life hacks for life at the yard! Why not check out how to care your horses' teeth next?! click here

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