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Staff member Lucy Read and her 2nd place at West Park Eventers challenge

February 12, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Staff member Lucy Read and her 2nd place at West Park Eventers challenge

Catching up with @lucy_Bread after her competition on Saturday 26th January a West Park Eventers Challenge.

lucy read competition jump at west aprk

"My day started early doing my usual yard jobs and making sure Freddie was nice and clean, I loaded up nice and early as Freddie can sometimes be a little tinker when it comes to loading onto the wagon! We arrived at West Park with plenty of time to walk the course, there were plenty of questions for the pair of us, a few skinny jumps, barrels and a big ski jump, there was also two tricky fences on a dogleg with one stride.

I warmed Freddie up outside in the big open arena making sure we had a walk trot and canter on both reins then had a little pop of a cross pole a couple of times, we then went into the indoor arena to see how many horse and rider combinations were left to go before us.

I've been given the task of trialling the new FLEXON stirrups today, although I wasn’t keen on the bright green colour (blues my favourite colour) I was very impressed with them, you can choose whatever colour combination you’d like and you can also change the design of them by purchasing different magnetic strips for them. They’re made of green composite and they’re very light. They have a really grippy foot tread which can also be changed.

flec on stirrup and collegiate saddle mono eventflexon stirrup

We then had a little pop of an upright and a spread before we went in for our turn,
Freddie’s still quite babyish as he’s not quite 6 yrs old and because he’s quite a big horse I haven’t pushed him to do too much while he’s still been growing. He gets quite tired easily too so I don’t push him too much in the warm-up arena.


Our turn to go in... there were 16 jumping efforts and we flew round to go clear! A few silly baby moments from Freddie not quite getting his stride right but overall a fantastic round, he rode lovely, very forward and kept a nice rhythm which is what we were aiming for. We ended up coming 2nd! A huge achievement for me and Freddie and I left the arena after the prize giving with a huge grin on my face! Overall I was really impressed with the flex on stirrups, I do usually ride in free jump stirrups but I felt that my foot was really secure in the flex on stirrups and the grippy tread definitely kept my feet in the right place.

Freddie wears
* Jeffries cavesson bridle
* Neue Schule turtle top universal
* Collegiate mono flap event saddle and leathers:
* Flex on stirrups
* Lemieux euro jump glint saddlecloth:
* Acavallo gel sheepskin: 
* Veredus tendon and overreach boots:

Lucy wears
* Ariat tri-factor full seat grip breeches:
* Ariat heritage contour II riding boots in brown:
* Roeckl Madrid gloves
* Charles Owen Pro II skull cap in silver:

(everything purchased from pet n pony)

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