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December 23, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Other than opening presents at Christmas, one thing everyone looks forward too is their Christmas dinner (well I know I do). With succulent Turkey and dollops of Cranberry Sauce, it makes for a delightful feast! 

But what about your favourite pooch who sits there giving you its best puppy dog eyes trying to surrender you into submission. What can they have? is it ok to give them everything your eating or do they need to stick to the same diet they have everyday.

Well we decided to come up with a list of Do's and Dont's for your dogs Christmas dinner which may help with your decision making.

 What Can i Feed My Dog



Turkey Stuffing
Vegetables Gravy
Fruit Cooked Bones
Pure Cranberry Deserts
Eggs Chocolate
Salmon Salty Food


As with all food, too much of a good thing can be bad so feed small amounts only, as too much of foods that your dog is not used to eating can cause an upset stomach. Obviously you don't have to feed your dog the delights of a Christmas dinner but you can offer them some of the above if you wish. 

Whats the Alternative

Keeping your dog on their own food during the Christmas period is the best thing to do. But if you want to mix it up a little there's plenty alternatives to be had. Natural Instincts and Natures Menu both do raw food that your dog will be sure to love and its a break from the norm. Simply defrost the meat and serve up at meal time, if they are anything like our Chocolate lab Cinder it will be gone in seconds! 

5 Doggy Christmas Tips

  1. Don't Over feed your dog.
  2. Don't give them alcohol or caffeine products.
  3. Try to keep them out of the kitchen whilst cooking.
  4. Ask guests not to feed your dog.
  5. Tidy away anything your dog may chew on ingest.

Finally have a Wonderful Christmas

Best Regards


Dog and cat at the petnpony christmas dinner table

Gavin Hughes
Gavin Hughes

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