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May 25, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

You've just bathed your dog; he smells amazing and looks super clean but... what about his bed? Tired of washing your dogs' bed for it to get their hairs all over the inside of your washing machine and having to unclog your tumble dryer filter for the dog bed to still be covered in hairs?

There is finally a solution, read on!

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is the first ever pet hair remover that you can use in your washing machine! Not only does it dissolve all the hair, but it hygienically cleans the bed and bedding too, eliminating those deep down odours meaning your house will smell fresh and clean! This product is so good it was used by Mrs. Hinch and Lynsey Queen of Clean!

"Vamoosh removed all the hair from my machine and the dog smells/looks nice and fresh. I'm a total convert!"

"I have 4 dogs so lots of hair this has really helped"

How to use

  1. Pour the contents of one sachet of Vamoosh (it is recommended to use 2 sachets the first time you wash the bedding with Vamoosh and for larger loads) into your washing machine dispenser drawer
  2. Add your usual detergent
  3. Add your pet bedding (take care not overloading the machine with bedding at one time)
  4. Run it on the longest cycle at 85/95 degrees
  5. Dry as usual, at the end of the cycle.

 "Hardly any left in the washing machine and tumble dryer filter is spotless for the first time ever!"

"Bought this before and loved it - just got stocked up again!"


Helen Best
Helen Best

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