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Indoors fun you can have with your cat

August 11, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Indoors fun you can have with your cat

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Dogs always get all the fun, so why can't cats do something different for a change? Maybe try a new treat, play some games. Whatever it is you choose to do, here's our guide to 7 fun things to do with your Indoor cat!

No: 1: Build a Box Fort!

What could be better for your kitty than an awesome box fort for them to explore, scratch and enjoy! Just collect up all your old shoe boxes, amazon boxes or any other box you can muster up and watch as your cat has awesome exploration fun for hours and hours. As a bonus, why not make a maze with your boxes and hide some Catnip inside one and see if your cat can find it as a treat.

cat in box


No. 2: Traditional Laser Pointer

As stereotypical as it may be, no toy is really better for a cat than a laser pointer, they love the chase, it improves their agility and is a really easy way to get your cat to play with you and get active. For extra fun make an obstacle course for your cat to go through using whatever you please and use the laser pointer to guide them to the finish!

cat playing laser pointer

No. 3: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun but are much better when played with your feline friends! Get their favourite treats and hide them in hard to reach places in one room and see if your cat can reach them and eat them up. For an extra level of difficulty place the treats inside small boxes and see if your cat can get them out.

cat looking for treats

No. 4: Fetch

Now we know this might sound crazy but Fetch is good for both our canine and feline companions! Cats can enjoy a game of fetch just as much as dogs can and if you use their favourite toy then they'll surely love a good game of fetch. Just throw their toy far from them and hope you cat wants to bring it back!

cat playing fetch

No. 5: Catit Senses

Here at Petnpony we have a range of products from Catit senses which are designed to entertain and stimulate your cats senses. They have products such as speed circuits for your cat or even a massage centre! These will help your cat have lots of fun and keep them happy if you need to do some quick errands.

No. 6: Cat app!

Yup, one of the things Cats really love is apps! Go on the app store and search for "Cat apps" among the numerous novelty apps for humans there are also some apps that are specifically designed to entertain and exercise your cat, just be sure to put a protective glass or screen over it so your cats claws don't scratch your device!

cat on an ipad

No. 7: Junkyard Toys

You don't need to spend loads of money on more and more cat toys for your kitty. Keep some back and rotate their collection once a week or so. However, if your cat is getting really bored then don't go spend money on a new toy, fill the latest junk letter you got in the post scrunch it up into a ball and there you go cat toy! Cats love paper, the sounds excite their senses and they get new toys: a win for both you and your kitty!

cat playing with paper

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