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April 06, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

The dog walk is a free event aimed at those who want to make new friends, stay healthy and have 1 thing in common! A dog...

The dog walk originally started in February and will continue every month. From the February walk to the March walk people joining in significantly increased. Most walks will be held on a Saturday between 9 am and 12 pm.

The first walk...

On Saturday 9th February everyone met at the entrance of The Secret Garden Coffee Shop (DH1 3PJ) before heading up the road towards Houghall Stables and the woodland area behind. Ending up doing a loop, bringing us back to the cars.

The second walk...

The next walk was placed on Saturday 23d March, we met at the same place before heading across the road to meet up with the River Wear and followed it along Durham City Pedestrian walk over bridge before returning along the opposite side.

This time we came with gifts!

This month...

We will be taking on a Riverwalk through the fields of Durham, wide open spaces with copious amounts of fresh air on Saturday 13th April.

We will be meeting at the same place as the last walks (the Secret Garden Coffee Shop at 10 am) and there is a car park available at the Secret Garden Coffee Shop where you can leave your car whilst on the walk. Please ensure you are arriving 5 minutes prior as we will start walking at 10 am.

It will last around an hour, but you can stop and turn back at any time during the walk. After the walk, we will be going back to the Secret Garden Coffee Shop for you to enjoy 10% off your purchase from a selection of cakes, coffee and tea!

Please read the rules below and make sure you come fully prepared for the weather and to cater to your dog.

Each walk is different every month, so you learn new places close to home where you can take your dog, no longer will you need to walk alone around the housing estate with a bored dog...

...So, if you have a dog and want to get outside and explore some new places right on your doorstep please join in:

If you would like to learn more:

Alternately, if you have any questions feel free to come in store and ask one of our staff members or send us a message on one of our social media platforms!

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Helen Best
Helen Best

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