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The Guide to Measuring Your Dog for a Coat

October 13, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

The Guide to Measuring Your Dog for a Coat

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting colder and shorter and its clear summer has left us once again. While everyone who owns a dog will be getting their big winter coats out to keep themselves warm on the cold mornings, many people don’t realise their dog needs a coat too! The world of dog coats can be a very confusing place so we’re here to help from measuring your dog to choosing the right coat.


The simplest and easiest way to measure your dog is to use a tailors measuring tape which shows the measurement in centimetres and inches. Most brands will use both measurement styles when labelling their products. It also allows you to convert a measurement easily if the Brand only uses one or the measuring metric’s. Firstly place the start of the tape where the collar of your dog rests on the neck and run the tape down the spine to the base of your dogs tail. This measurement is the length of Dog Coat that you will need and give’s you the perfect start to where you need to be looking on the shelf for your size. The second measurement is going to be the chest, this simply is the circumference of the dog at its widest point and will allow you to determine the style of dog coat you can get (I will explain this shortly).



The simple answer is which coat suits you and your dog's needs. Climate, activity level, breed and purpose are all things to consider. If you live in Alaska (cold climate) you are going to want a Dog Coat that is very warm, whereas if you live in a hot climate you may want a Dog coat that will keep your Dog cool (that’s right you can get dog coats that cool your dog). By answering those questions, you can narrow down your search for the “Perfect Dog Coat”. The main styles of dog coat are: 

Belly Wrap (a dog coat that wraps under the dog giving more protection to the chest) this is the coat that you will specifically need to take the chest measurement to ensure the correct fit.
Free Hanging (a dog coat with no chest cover)
Cool Coat (reduces the temperature of your dog)
Windbreaker (reduces wind chill but not waterproof)
Waterproof (Although waterproof areas of stitching may be Permeable)
Fleece Lined (extra Warm)
Greyhound (specifically designed for the breed)

When looking at dog coats with chest straps you will need to check the chest measurement to make sure that the coat will fit around the chest without being too loose or constricting.


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When we look to purchase a Coat for our Dogs the hardest decision comes down to Style VS Practicality. Some of you may want this seasons colour but the practicality may not be what’s in the best interest of your dog so try and think of it from your Dogs point of view (sounds crazy) but if you were the dog what would you want? To be dry and warm or to look good when rolling around in the mud. I Mean would you wear these high heels on a night out?

Inpractical high heel flipper shoes


In order to not only make the most of your new coat but get the most out of your new dog coat is to make sure you adhere to the cleaning guide on the label. Some dog coats need to be hand-washed to protect its unique features. Others will need to be treated to help maintain their Waterproofness or insulating properties. By caring for your product you will increase the longevity of its life as well as its cost per use (it’s a win, win).

weatherbeeta icons for dog coats at petnpony

Once you’ve chosen the coat you and your dog want, its time to try it on. Your dog’s coat should cover the length of their back without impacting the tail. The neck should be snug but not tight around the front. If your coat has a belly wrap it should fit comfortably around the belly, if it is too tight it will impede the front legs
If you're still struggling to find the perfect dog coat to suit your needs we have you covered all you need to do is check out to see all the dog coats we have to offer i'm sure we will have one to suit your needs.

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