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What makes cats a great companion?

March 12, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

What makes cats a great companion?



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There are many benefits to owning a pet cat. Every cat has their own little personality. Losing a pet can be extremely heart-breaking, so it is nice knowing your animal friend will be around for a long time (10-12 years on average.) Many people feel a positivity waking up to their cat laying in their bed (unlike a dog they take up very little room!)

Are they low maintenance?

Cats are cheaper than medium-large dogs as they require less food, fewer toys and less grooming. They are very clean and spend time grooming themselves which means fewer trips to the groomers (saving you time and money!)

Unlike dogs, they don’t need multiple walks a day, cleaning their little box is a lot easier than constant walks (plus training them to use the little box is simple and quick!). You don’t need to worry about the guilt of leaving them when you are out at work or socializing, give them food and water and they are happy to play alone! They will more than likely sleep most the day as this is what they do when they are bored.

They are small and don’t need huge amounts of space if you don’t have a big house this shouldn’t put you off from getting a cat. They also come with an added benefit as they will fix any mice problems that occur!

 “Cats are so much easier to own if you have a busy lifestyle but still want a companion in your home”

Are they good for children?

Having a cat can have a positive impact on your children in many ways. It teaches them responsibility and social skills. Research has been done to find that cats can be beneficial to a child’s health in the future! If your infant spends time around a cat in their first year of life they may be half as likely to develop a significant number of antibodies to cat allergens, this process is called allergic sensitization.

Many children may be easily startled with loud noises such as barking, this makes cats a great pet for children as they are quiet and very unlikely to scare the children, the fact they are quiet also prevents any neighbour complaints. From not needing to hunt food, they have a lot of stored energy making them very playful, this can be a fun bonding experience for both cat and child.

“They’re basically little fluffy companions that are easy to look after, as they mostly look after themselves but still come to you for cuddles and keep you company. They all have their own personalities”

Are they good for your health?

Yes! Cats are almost mind readers when it comes to sensing your emotions, and they seem to know when you’re in need of some comfort. There purring can be very soothing to most cat owners and can help with destressing from a long day at work.

Not only can cats help your mental state, but also your physical health. They have been known to lower blood pressure and decrease your chances of a heart attack!

Research before getting a cat is still advised as with every animal, they are a big responsibility and you must make sure you are fully prepared to take care of the cats' needs for its entire 10-12 years with you.


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