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Animals that shouldn't be pets

September 05, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Animals that shouldn't be pets


Animals are great and keeping them as pets is even better. But some animals just aren't meant to be domesticated, they belong in the wild or in a much larger enclosure than the average person could think to provide. Here is PetnPony's guide to animals that shouldn't be kept as pets.

5: Primates and Monkeys


Monkeys are truly adorable and you'd think they'd be cuddly and loving. However that is not the case, Monkeys and other primates are just not house pets, they require a specialist diet and if they have health issues they need a primate vet which can be expensive and hard to find. Also, they get stressed if they are picked up and cuddled, so overall monkeys are just not ideal pets.

4: Owls


Owls are some of the cutest birds on earth, but they don't make good pets. They can not be left alone, you can't go on holiday or leave them with a neighbour as this will stress them out because when you adopt an owl they imprint on you and freak out if you're not there. Owls are can be really destructive and are not huge fans of being touched either, they create tons of mess and their cages can smell really bad too.

3: Hedgehog


 Hedgehogs as pets is a prickly subject. They are not so much terrible pets as they are hard to look after. They need temperature controlled environment and they are very messy and their cage needs cleaning out every day. They need space and can not have companions as they will fight and agitate each other. If you have time and are willing to put in the effort a hedgehog can be a good pet, put don't just pick one out of the wild.

2: Raccoons


Raccoons are adorable but they just do not make good house pets, they need massive amounts of stimulation and if they are left alone they become highly agitated. Raccoons can be really aggressive and inflict quite serious damage. Playing with Raccoons should be taken with caution as even when playful they can inflict painful and hurtful scratches, and your furniture will be no more to as they are very destructive, however are very cleaver and so any jars or bottles can be nowhere near a raccoon, they can even open cages and locks so they are very hard to contain.

1: Venomous Snakes or Giant Boa


Pretty colours and bragging rights just aren't worth the risks of having venomous snakes or giant boas. They are deadly very dangerous and shouldn't be in private/ unskilled hands. Not to mention for snakes such as giant boa the size of vivarium you would need is beyond comprehension. Overall, more than any other animal on this list, do not keep venomous snakes or giant boa as pets.

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