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Feeding the Wild Birds

January 21, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Feeding the Wild Birds

Winter is a difficult time for the birds, as food becomes hard to find. Some species will even travel extreme miles. However, we can help, read on to find out how you can get involved.


Types of birds

Different food you put out will attract different birds. There are a variety of common birds you could attract, depending on your area and the type of feed you put down, such as goldfinch, tits, sparrows, woodpigeon, woodpeckers, robins, and thrushes.

If you’re looking to attract the smaller birds, then try smaller seeds like Nyger. Although sparrows and woodpigeons would appreciate a bigger grain.

Woodpeckers, tits and starlings like fat balls and peanuts.

Robins and thrushes will enjoy mealworms.


Feeding the birds

The birds should be fed in the morning and possibly in the afternoon during the winter. If you start up a feeding routine, the birds will become used to this therefore, you should try avoiding changing it. Any uneaten food should be removed from the feeder.

In the winter they are unable to acquire as much food themselves as they would in the summer months, they need more of a high protein feed during the winter season, to fill them up.

You can get different feeds and fat balls from Pet N Pony to get you on your bird-feeding journey. If you aren’t sure which birds, you’d like to attract then there is a wild bird mix suitable for all seasons and most birds.

How to feed the birds?

There are a variety of ways to feed the birds. You could just scatter it about on the floor however, that will also attract cats, squirrels, and other animals that you’re not intending on feeding. This could put birds off meaning, they avoid your garden.

The most common way of feeding birds is from a hanging feeder. Different feeders are designed differently for the food you are putting in. They are also designed to stop animals such as squirrels from getting the food out.

Pet N Pony have a variety of different Harrison Bird Feeders suitable for the type of birds and feed you want.



It is a fun experience feeding the birds and a sense of achievement that for 5 minutes of your time you can help the birds have an easier life whilst getting entertained watching them! 

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