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Did you know... about Isabell Werth?

December 07, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Did you know... about Isabell Werth?


Isabell Werth is one of the greatest dressage riders of all time, she has won many, many gold medals and is a 6 time Olympic Dressage Champion and 4 time silver medalist. But what do you know about her partnership with Wintec? Here are 6 incredible facts about Isabell Werth.

#1: Wintec have been friends with Isabell Werth for a very, very long time!

Isabell first became aware of Wintec saddles through her famous dressage trainer Dr. Schulten-Baumer, also known as ‘Der Dokter’. Dr. Schulten-Baumer first became interested in the original Wintec Sport Saddles when his pupils were continually wearing through their leather saddles and needed a more durable material for their demanding riding and training schedule. Following this initial introduction, Wintec's unique and very long lasting working partnership began way back in 1989 (more than 25 years ago)!

Isabell Werth and Wintec Saddles - Did you know (1)


#2:  The first saddle Isabell won an Olympic Gold Medal in was NOT the Wintec Isabell!

Isabell originally rode to Olympic victory  in 1992 at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in a Wintec Sport Dressage Saddle; with Gigolo FRH, the most successful dressage horse at the time.

The range of Wintec Sport saddles were launched back in the late 1980’s in bright, fun colours and revolutionised what was then a very traditional and conservative saddle market.

#3: The first saddle Isabell developed with Wintec was NOT the Wintec Isabell!

After a number of major successes in the Wintec Sport Dressage Saddle, Isabell provided Wintec with a lot of very helpful feedback which led to the development of new materials and new saddle designs. After working closely with her as a young rider, Wintec developed and launched the Wintec Pro Dressage Saddle in 1990. At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, she rode in the Wintec Pro Dressage Saddle and WON both a Team and an Individual Gold Medal with Gigolo FRH.

FACT #4. Isabell was ‘hands-on’ during the development of the Wintec Isabell Saddle

Over a a number of years, Isabell and Wintec Saddles' Research and Development team travelled back and forth between her stables in Germany and their development office in Australia. They made a number of changes and test saddles to ensure that the very first Wintec Isabell Saddle completely met her needs and expectations.

Isabell herself made significant valuable contributions to the design, and was the primary test rider for her very own saddle, ensuring complete attention to detail.

FACT #5. There have been a number of updates to the Wintec Isabell Saddle, but only one major re-design

Throughout our long-lasting partnership with Isabell Werth, Wintec Saddles have developed a number of new materials and technologies which have been constantly integrated into the Wintec Isabell saddle, ensuring it remains a world-leading dressage saddle. In 2010, a complete re-design of the Wintec Saddle was undertaken in close partnership with Isabell.

Wintec Isabell - Models

The current model Wintec Isabell is different to the original model however the core characteristics such as a very deep, close contact seat, Equi-Suede material for grip and stability, a leather wear patch and an over-girth for an ultra-close feeling through the leg were retained. The current Wintec Isabell Saddle is designed to support you and your horse as a team with a number of additional features and innovations including a new Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar for rider customisation and a broader channel and panel for your horse’s complete comfort.

“Whatever level you ride, you can completely trust in a Wintec saddle. Throughout my dressage career, all of my successes were achieved in a Wintec – even Olympic gold!” -Isabell Werth

FACT #6. All of Isabell Werth’s major successes have been achieved in a Wintec Saddle!

Wintec couldn’t be prouder of Isabell’s achievements in her Wintec Saddle, including:

  • Four Individual Olympic medals
  • Four Team Olympic Gold medals
  • Three times Individual World Champion
  • Four World Team Gold medals.

Isabell Werth and Wintec Saddles - Did you know 4

Isabell has been Wintec's longtime friend, partner and advocate and they’re so pleased to have been a major part of Isabell’s journey, from talented teenager to World Dressage Champion. 

Get your Wintec Isabell Saddle Today and keep it clean with the Wintec guide to cleaning your saddle!

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