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How to Clean your Synthetic Saddle

December 12, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

How to Clean your Synthetic Saddle

STEP 1:  Preparation

You won’t need much to clean your synthetic saddle! Here’s what Wintec Suggest:

  • A place for your saddle to sit (e.g a stand or fence rail)
  • A cloth or sponge, and small soft bristled brush for any stubborn marks
  • Wintec Saddle Cleaner or a bucket of water with mild detergent
  • A garden hose or bucket of clean water for rinsing

 Want to know more about synthetic saddle materials? Check out our blog on the Wintec Guide to Synthetic Saddles!

STEP 2: Wet your saddle with Wintec Saddle Cleaner or a mild detergent and water

To get the process moving, simply spray your Wintec Saddle cleaner onto your saddle, or apply mild detergent and water with a cloth or brush and wipe your saddle over.


STEP 3: Rub and scrub any stubborn marks

Your saddle may only need a quick wipe over to look shiny and new, although if your saddle is really dirty and features lots of Equi-Suede, a small soft bristled brush can be helpful to remove any stubborn marks, ingrained grease and dirt and fluff up the Equi-Suede material to make it look like new!

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STEP 4: Hose or rinse it off

Hang your saddle over a saddle rack or on a smooth rail or fence, stand back and hose it off. Don’t be afraid to get your synthetic saddle nice and wet as this is exactly what they are designed for!

  • If you regularly swim in salty sea water with your synthetic saddle, it’s a good idea to open it up and make sure the metal areas have been rinsed and can dry properly to avoid any rust long term.
  • If your saddle features any leather girth points or wear patches, we recommend keeping the hose away from these areas and simply using saddle soap to wipe these areas clean. If your leather does get wet you should simply wipe it dry with a cloth and move on to step 6!

clean step 2


STEP 5: Leave it to dry naturally

  • When it’s hot: leave it in the shade (out of direct sunlight).
  • When it’s cold: keep it in a warm dry place (not near your fireplace).
    • In a colder climate it is best to plan ahead as your saddle may take a couple of days to dry completely.

If your saddle features leather girth points or a leather wear patch, once it’s dry make sure you apply a good-quality wax-based balsam to these areas to replenish the leather. A good balsam will help to protect against wear and colour loss so it’s very important that any leather areas are looked after.

clean step 3

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