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Wintec Guide's to Saddle Materials

December 05, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

Wintec Guide's to Saddle Materials

All Saddles are different some may be too slippery or too firm and it really differs from person to person so while a saddle may feel right to one person, doesn't mean it'll be perfect for you. Wintec have three main materials that their saddles are made from Equi-Leather, Equi-Suede and Equi-Fabric: So we wanted to share with you our thoughts on different synthetic saddle materials, how they might feel to you as a rider, and what the advantages of each material are!



What does the Equi-Leather look like?

It mirrors leather very well and is incredibly good quality, synthetic leather-like material and is featured in a large number of Wintec saddles. It features predominantly in the 250 and 500 series, and these will have a very smooth, almost leather-look finish.

How does it feel?

While the Equi-Leather looks like traditional leather, it's synthetic material means no breaking in time or rigorous care routine as it is perfect for everyday use across all equestrian activities and is well suited to those requiring more freedom of movement in the seat!

Pro's of Equi-Leather:

  • Additional freedom and ability to move within the seat due to the smooth finish.
  • A high-quality leather-like material, such as Wintec Saddle’s Equi-Leather will be exceptionally hard wearing and durable, and usually the toughest of all synthetic saddle materials.
  • Very quick to clean and dry. As this material is impervious to dirt and water, it simply requires a ‘wipe’ with a damp cloth to look as good as new!

Con's of Equi-Leather:

  • Just like a smooth leather, this material will have less grip than other high-tech synthetic materials.
  • Similar to a new leather material, it will be slightly firmer than other synthetic materials.
  • Lower-quality leather-like materials are unlikely to perform well over a period of years, particularly in harsh conditions and may show signs of deterioration such as cracking.



What does the Equi-Suede look like?

Practically identical to and feeling to that of real suede, good-quality, high-tech suede-like materials. The Equi-Suede is mostly featured in the 2000, Pro and D'lux models will have a fibrous finish alike to real suede.

It's also the primary material on the Wintec Isabell Dressage Saddle, How much do you know about Isabell Werth?

How does it feel?

A high-quality Equi-Suede seat will feel ultra soft, luxurious and offer you the perfect level of grip, while a suede like flap will offer your leg added stability – perfect for so many equestrian pursuits!

Pro's of Equi-Suede:

  • Additional grip and stability in the seat due to the fibrous finish. In a high-quality suede-like material, the level of grip will actually increase when the material becomes wet such as an during a rainy ride or competition.
  • Durable and easy-care. This material is exceptionally easy to clean and restore it’s nap to an as new finish.
  • Immediately comfortable. You will sink into the comfortable seat foam for a comfortable and hassle-free ride!
  • In cases of very high-tech suede-like material, as used in Wintec Saddles, the material will be developed to be breathable to result in a cooler feeling for you as the rider.

Con's of Equi-Suede:

  • May feel too grippy for certain pursuits such as jumping where the ability to move within the seat may be important.
  • While still relatively quick-drying, a suede-like material is more absorbent than an impervious smooth material material and will take longer to dry.
  • Lower-quality suede-like materials will break down over time, resulting in a finish which is unable to be restored to it’s original level of grip and may show signs of the material pilling.


What does the Equi-Fabric look like?

It looks like heavy-duty high-tech woven fabric. With a very similar appearance and feeling to that of a thick, durable fabric such as a light denim, high-quality fabric materials such as the Equi-Fabric are featured largely in the WintecLite models and will have a fabric-covered appearance.

How does it feel?

With a degree of surface texture, fabric feels somewhere between smooth leather-like material, and ultra grippy suede-like material, So you can have the best of both worlds!

Pro's of Equi-Fabric:

  • Lightweight. This durable material is typically lighter than a leather or suede like material.
  • Offering a level of grip in the seat for stability, without any restriction to ensure you can move quickly when you need to.
  • Durable, easy-care and hard wearing.
  • Increasingly comfortable. With a degree of give, you should feel completely comfortable in the seat, as the material allows you to sink further into the comfortable seat foams.
  • Very quick to clean and dry. Although not as quick as the leather-like material, fabric does not feature the fibrous finish of a suede-like material enabling it to dry much quicker.

Con's of Equi-Fabric:

  • While still relatively quick-drying, a fabric material is more absorbent than leather-like material and will take longer to dry.
  • May feel too slippery for certain equestrian pursuits where stability in the seat and leg are more important.
  • Less traditional and aesthetically not to everyone’s liking
  • Lower-quality fabric materials will break down over time and may show signs of the material pilling.
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