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Mastering Winter Care with List Star Clippers

October 26, 2023 4 min read 0 Comments

Mastering Winter Care with List Star Clippers

Mastering Winter Care with List Star Clippers


Winter is upon us and our beloved horses are sporting thick fluffy coats to combat the chill. However, this may be the most practical option, especially if your horse is in regular work. In this blog post, we will explore the world of horse clipping, focusing on List Star Clippers, a remarkable product designed for this very purpose. We'll delve into the importance of clipping your horse during winter, and offer some handy tips! Additionally, we have exciting news about a new promotional kit that could revolutionize your grooming routine. So, let's get started!



Why Do We Clip Horses?

As the temperature drops, horses naturally grow a thicker winter coat to keep themselves warm. While this is perfect for horses living outdoors without blankets, it can become problematic for those in regular work. A thick winter coat can cause excessive sweating during exercise, making it challenging to cool down your horse effectively. The last thing you want is for your equine companion to catch a chill due to the inability to dry and regulate their body temperature.

Horse clipping is the solution to these problems. Clipping minimizes sweating, allowing your horse to dry and cool off more efficiently. It prevents your horse from catching a chill and reduces grooming time. Moreover, clipping can promote a glossy and healthy summer coat, making your horse look stunning once the warmer months arrive.

When to Clip Your Horse?

Most horses are clipped in September or October, depending on their workload and breed. Some competition horses are clipped throughout the year to keep them cool, minimize sweating, and maintain a neat appearance.

For most horse owners, two to three clips per winter are sufficient. Avoid clipping too late into February to prevent interference with the growth of the summer coat.


Helpful Clipping Tips and Tricks


  • Clipping your horse can be a rewarding experience, but it comes with its set of challenges. Here are some handy tips and tricks to make the process smoother:


  • Use a soft or long-bristled brush to sweep hair out of the clipper blades, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient clip.


  • Use chalk for outlining patterns or trace clips, helping you keep your pattern even on both sides of your horse.


  • Invest in blade oil, blade coolants, and blade washes to make clipping faster, protect your clippers and blades, and ensure a smoother experience.


  • Purchase multiple blades to switch out when a blade gets too hot or doesn't cut well, allowing you to finish the job without interruptions.


  • Consider using earplugs for noise-sensitive horses to keep them calm during the clipping process.

After clipping, be sure to thoroughly brush your horse or give them a bath. Some horses may develop hives or rashes due to clipped hair or the products used during clipping, so a bath is a great way to ensure their comfort and cleanliness. In winter, when you can't bathe your horse, you can use hot towelling or steam your horse's coat with a towel to remove oils and clipped hair effectively.

Introducing List Star Clippers

Lister, a renowned name in the world of animal clippers and trimmers, has been manufacturing high-quality products in the UK since 1909. They hold the Royal Warrant and are known for their exceptional quality, reliability, and endurance. One of their most popular products, the List Star Clipper, is a beloved fixture in many stables.



The List Star Clipper boasts impressive features:

  1. Powerful 45W motor: This ensures fast and professional clipping.
  2. Ventilated head: This prevents blades and the head from overheating, enhancing your clipping experience.
  3. Overload switch: Protects the motor in the event of a jam, prolonging the life of your clippers.
  4. Self-cleaning function: This removes clippings during use, keeping your clippers in top condition.
  5. Removable and replaceable air filter: This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  6. The slim and balanced design of the List Star Clipper makes it ideal for easy handling, with grips on either side of the handle for greater control. The lightweight design enables you to clip for longer without fatigue. The intelligent tensioning system ensures the right cutting pressure every time, resulting in a professional, reliable clip. Plus, the specially designed ventilated head keeps hair away from your face and ensures the blades don't overheat.

Cutting Length: 1.4mm with A2F/AC (Fine) Blades.

Lister Star Clippers Promo Kit

Exciting news for all horse enthusiasts! Lister is offering a new promotional kit featuring the List Star Clipper. This kit includes everything you need to master the art of horse clipping and grooming. Here's what you'll find in the kit:

  1. STAR Clipper: The heart of the kit, a powerful, fast, and efficient clipper.
  2. R15 Clipper Oil (60ml): To keep your clipper blades lubricated and running smoothly.
  3. Clipper Cleaning Brush: Essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your clippers.
  4. Filter: An interchangeable air filter for quick and easy maintenance.
  5. Equine Hoof Pick: An essential tool for maintaining your horse's hoof health.
  6. Stiff Bristles Body Brush: For a thorough post-clipping grooming session.
  7. Shampoo (Dirty Beastie 500ml): Keep your horse clean and fresh with this high-quality shampoo.
  8. Conditioner (Easy Groom 500ml): A conditioner to make your horse's coat shine.
  9. Battery-operated cordless trimmer: Ideal for touch-ups and detailed work.
  10. 2 close trim guide combs (3mm & 4.5mm): Achieve the perfect clip length with these guide combs.
  11. Blade guard, Blade oil, and cleaning brush: Additional accessories for your clipping needs.
  12. 1 x AA battery included: Ready to use right out of the box.
  13. This comprehensive kit provides you with everything you need for efficient and professional horse clipping. It's a valuable addition to any stable, whether you're a professional or an enthusiast.


Winter care for your horse is a crucial aspect of responsible horse ownership, and horse clipping with List Star Clippers is an excellent solution to ensure your horse stays comfortable and healthy. With the right tools and knowledge, you can master the art of clipping, keeping your horse in top condition throughout the cold months.

Do you have any clipping tips or experiences to share? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let's continue the conversation on mastering winter care with List Star Clippers.



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