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NAF Respirator Boost: The Clearway through Winter

October 18, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

NAF Respirator Boost: The Clearway through Winter

NAF Respirator Boost: The Clearway through Winter

As the clocks go back and the days grow shorter, we find ourselves in the embrace of winter. For many horse owners, this season signifies a shift in routine, with our equine companions spending more time stabled to preserve the quality of paddocks. While this transition is practical, it brings its own set of challenges, the most significant of which is respiratory health.

Stabling often increases respiratory stress due to various factors, including bedding, preserved forages, and shared air space. Furthermore, winter exercise can exacerbate these issues, as dust and sensitive triggers are commonly found in riding environments such as indoor sand schools and latex surfaces.

In working horses, respiratory stress often goes unnoticed, yet it significantly impacts their performance. In fact, for horses, the respiratory system is the most limiting factor affecting their performance, even more so than cardiovascular or musculoskeletal limitations. Thus, maintaining your horse's respiratory health is of utmost importance, whether you're engaged in indoor show jumping, hunting, or leisurely hacks on a crisp winter morning.

Ensuring that you and your horse have a clear path to peak performance every day will maximize your enjoyment of winter exercise, regardless of the weather.

The Role of Forage in Winter Nutrition

For all horses and ponies, whether they are stabled or not, preserved forage becomes a staple part of the winter diet. Haylage is increasingly prevalent, with a decline in high-quality hay production, especially due to the wet summer that limited field drying time for hay producers. Regardless of whether you opt for hay or haylage, it's crucial to watch for quality and ensure that no visibly mouldy or dusty forages are used.


One helpful practice is to soak hay, which causes the dusty respirable particles to swell, making them easier to swallow and less likely to be inhaled. A short soak, ideally for around ten minutes in warm water, is sufficient, as soaking for extended periods can leach micronutrients and reduce forage quality.

Whether you choose soaking or steaming, it's important to keep the vessels clean and use fresh, clean water for each day's soaking. Additionally, if you soak hay, make sure to feed it while still wet, as allowing it to dry can negate the benefits of soaking.


Introducing NAF Respirator Boost

NAF Respirator Boost is a daily dietary supplement designed to provide essential nutritional support to your horse's respiratory mucosal immune system and lung integrity. This unique blend combines MSM as a natural sulfur donor with herbal extracts, including echinacea and rosehip, which are known for their natural antioxidant and immune support properties.

Essential oils are also included to help naturally maintain clear airways. The best part is that Respirator Boost is safe and suitable for all horses and ponies, including those competing under FEI-affiliated rules.

NAF Respirator Boost is conveniently available in two different forms to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose the liquid form, offered in sizes of 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr, and 5ltr. Alternatively, for those who prefer powder supplements, Respirator Boost is also available in powder form in 1kg and 2.5kg sizes. Whether you opt for the liquid or powder version, you can easily incorporate this respiratory support product into your horse's daily routine, promoting their respiratory health during the winter months and beyond.

Here are some tips for feeding NAF Respirator Boost:

  • Feed from the floor to support natural drainage.
  • If possible, mix the feed with a little warm water to release the essential oils.
  • Split the recommended amount between feeds throughout the day.

Contact NAF for Nutritional Advice

If you have questions about your horse or pony's nutritional needs or need guidance on using NAF Respirator Boost, feel free to reach out to NAF via their FREE Nutritional Advice Line. You can call them at 0800 373 106 or send an email to


As winter settles in, the well-being of your horse is paramount, and their respiratory health plays a vital role in their overall performance and comfort. NAF Respirator Boost is a valuable tool in supporting your horse's respiratory health during the colder months. By ensuring that their respiratory system is in optimal condition, you pave the way for successful winter exercise, no matter your equestrian pursuits.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with NAF Respirator Boost. Please share your insights in the comments below, and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this product or winter horse care. Your input can help other horse owners make informed decisions for their equine companions.

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