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NAF Superflex Senior - Every Superstar Deserves an Upgrade

November 30, 2023 4 min read 0 Comments

NAF Superflex Senior - Every Superstar Deserves an Upgrade

NAF Superflex Senior - Every Superstar Deserves an Upgrade

In the world of equine supplements, NAF Five Star Superflex Senior has just elevated its status with the unveiling of its new ambassador - none other than the dressage legend, Valegro. This powerful supplement, renowned for providing Five Star Treatment for joint health, now boasts an exciting makeover with the captivating image of Valegro gracing its label. 


The Face of Excellence: Valegro and NAF Five Star Superflex Senior

Valegro, the twenty-one-year-old dressage wonder, continues to capture hearts and headlines at Carl Hester's yard in Gloucestershire. Despite retiring from competition in 2016, Valegro remains active and fit, thanks to his daily regimen of NAF Five Star Superflex Senior. The supplement has been a crucial component in ensuring Valegro's flexibility for life, providing targeted nutrition for the maintenance of senior joints and older horses and ponies.

Carl Hester, co-owner of Valegro, expressed his delight with the new label, featuring a stunning headshot of the dressage icon. He emphasized the importance of feeding for joint health, especially in senior horses, and how Superflex Senior has been the supplement of choice for Valegro's continued active lifestyle.

Unveiling the Superflex Senior Formula

The Science Behind Joint Care

Joint health is a complex consideration, and NAF's Veterinary and Nutrition teams have combined scientific study with expertise to create the Superflex range. Superflex Senior, in particular, offers a unique synergistic blend of ingredients designed for the maintenance of senior joints. This includes key joint support nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and naturally sourced antioxidants crucial for older equine friends facing joint stresses.

Superflex Senior Product Information

The composition of Superflex Senior includes glucosamine, MSM, peony bark, chia seeds, spirulina, seaweed meal, chondroitin sulphate, vegetable oil, and hyaluronic acid. These high-specification, evidence-based joint support nutrients work in synergy to maintain healthy, flexible joints in hardworking senior horses and ponies.




Recommendations from Leading Riders

Superflex Senior is not just a choice for leisure horses; it comes with clean sport credentials and BETA NOPS accreditation for equine athletes. Renowned riders, including Olympic Gold medallist Carl Hester, endorse the product, highlighting its efficacy in providing the right nutrition at the right levels for maintaining joint integrity and soundness in older equines.

Caring for Senior Joints: A Comprehensive Guide

Importance of Senior Joint Care

As horses age, their musculoskeletal system undergoes increased wear and tear, making joint care paramount. Whether still competing, regularly hacking out, or enjoying a quieter life, senior horses benefit greatly from additional nutritional support for normal and healthy joint function.

Choosing the Right Joint Supplement

Selecting the best joint supplement for older horses requires attention to key ingredients like glucosamine, MSM, and hyaluronic acid. Form and cost considerations play a role, with options including liquid, powder, and pellet forms. For competitive horses, ensuring the absence of prohibited substances is crucial, and Superflex Senior meets these standards.


Maintaining Joints in Senior Years: 7 Proven Strategies

Routine Veterinary Care

Routine veterinary care is essential for monitoring organ function and addressing treatable health concerns before they escalate. For older horses, consistent dental care and modifications to their diet based on dentition and energy expenditure are crucial for maintaining optimal body weight and joint health.

Joint Support Supplements

The market offers a plethora of joint supplements designed for geriatric horses. While they cannot reverse existing joint damage, these supplements, including Superflex Senior, optimize joint fluid production and nourish articular cartilage, potentially slowing the progression of arthritis.

Slow and Steady Warm-Ups

Older horses, like senior humans, tend to be stiff at the onset of activity. Implementing slow and steady warm-ups with ample time at the walk helps decrease joint stiffness, prevent injury, and allows the cardiovascular system to prepare for exercise.

Cavaletti/Pole Work

For sound senior horses, engaging in walking and trotting over ground poles or raised cavaletti promotes muscular strength and endurance. This exercise also enhances joint mobility, contributing to overall joint health.

Stretching Exercises

Limb stretching exercises contribute to easing muscular tightness, maintaining or enhancing range of motion, aiding in exercise recovery, and keeping senior horses supple.

Hot and Cold Therapies

Applying heat to arthritic joints before exercise can alleviate chronic stiffness, while cold therapy is beneficial for acute episodes of joint pain and inflammation. Innovative products like leg wraps with ceramic textiles offer convenient strategies for applying heat to arthritic joints.


Genetically programmed for movement, horses benefit greatly from turnout. It not only supports mental health and social interaction but also plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal synovial fluid lubrication within the joints.


In conclusion, NAF Five Star Superflex Senior stands as a testament to the commitment to equine health, with Valegro as its esteemed ambassador. The comprehensive formula, expert endorsements, and proven strategies for senior joint care make it a standout choice for horse owners seeking the best for their aging equine partners.


As you embark on the journey of caring for your senior horse's joints, consider the wisdom shared in this guide and share your thoughts in the comments below. Every superstar deserves the upgrade that NAF Superflex Senior provides for a life of vitality and soundness.

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