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SafeStrides: Weatherbeeta's Practical Hi-Vis Essentials for Riders

December 12, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

SafeStrides: Weatherbeeta's Practical Hi-Vis Essentials for Riders

In the world of horse riding, safety is crucial, especially on roads. As riders, it's not just about enjoying the ride; it's about keeping both the horse and rider safe. Weatherbeeta's Hi-Visibility Range is all about this commitment, offering equipment designed to enhance visibility for a safer journey.


Riding isn't just a hobby; it's a partnership that requires awareness, responsibility, and, most importantly, safety. When navigating roads and handling unexpected situations, having the right equipment is essential. Enter Weatherbeeta's Hi-Visibility Range, a carefully crafted collection to keep riders and horses visible in any condition.

Road Position: The Foundation of Safety

Safe riding on public roads starts with road position. Staying on the left near the curb ensures order and visibility.

Hazards and Vigilance: Eyes on the Road

Hazards are inevitable, demanding constant vigilance. From traffic awareness to handling startling noises, riders must be aware of their surroundings. Consistent road safety checks are crucial, especially when facing unavoidable hazards.

Using Signals: Communicating Safety

Clear communication is key. Riders need to use signals to indicate intentions, whether turning or alerting others to potential issues with their horse. A simple nod or raised hand can convey gratitude to patient drivers, fostering a culture of mutual respect on the road.

Young Riders and Safety Wear: Nurturing Responsible Habits

Young riders need special attention on the road, emphasizing the importance of experienced supervision. Safety wear, especially hi-visibility clothing, is a non-negotiable standard for riders of all ages and skill levels. It's not just a precaution; it's a commitment to responsible riding.

Weatherbeeta's Hi-Visibility Range: Practical and Protective

Now, let's look at the products that redefine safety for riders:

Weatherbeeta Reflective Ear Bonnet

  • Highly reflective design for added safety.
  • Mesh material for breathability.
  • Stretch fabric ears for comfort and noise reduction.


Weatherbeeta 300D Reflective Exercise Sheet

  • 300 denier outer, 210T polyester lining, and reflective details.
  • Waterproof and durable for visibility.
  • Boa fleece at the wither and a reflective strip for extra protection.


Weatherbeeta Reflective Single Lock Brushing Boots

  • Durable and reflective protection.
  • Soft, breathable neoprene conforms to the horse's leg.
  • PVC strike pad for additional safeguarding.


Weatherbeeta Reflective Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad

  • Highly reflective outer for visibility.
  • Breathable mesh spine for airflow.
  • High wither design for the horse's comfort.


Weatherbeeta Reflective Bridle Kit 4 Piece

  • Highly reflective bridle kit covering browband, noseband, and reins.
  • Easy to use and wash for comprehensive visibility.



The Importance of Hi-Vis: Beyond the Road

Wearing hi-vis isn't just for road safety; it's a year-round necessity. It enhances visibility for outdoor enthusiasts and low-flying aircrafts. In case of a fall, being seen sooner can prevent minor injuries from escalating. The Weatherbeeta range embodies this commitment to year-round safety.

Road Safety Tips: A Recap

Before concluding, let's revisit essential road safety tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Highway Code rules.
  • Be alert and polite to other road users.
  • Wear hi-vis and reflective equipment.
  • Consider LED lights for added visibility.
  • Take the BHS Ride Safe Award.
  • Use appropriate hand signals.
  • Be responsible, carry a mobile phone, and inform someone of your route.


Weatherbeeta's Hi-Visibility Range stands as a testament to responsible riding, providing practical and protective gear for riders who prioritize safety. Equip yourself with the essentials, ride confidently, and let safety lead every stride. Share your thoughts on how you prioritize safety on the road and your most effective safety practices in the comments below.

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