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by Megan Balmer July 26, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Date: 25/7/17
Review No. : 001
Product Type: Toy
Animal Speciality: Canine
Price: £17.99


The Basics of the Dog Toy:

The Nerf Dog - Tennis Ball Blaster can launch a tennis ball up to 50ft and has a hands-free reloading system meaning that you don't have to bend down as far to retrieve the ball as you can just place the end of the launcher over the ball and it's picked up and ready to fire. The easy to fire blaster takes the strain off your shoulder from throwing the ball as the blaster does all the work, throwing the ball further than you may be able to do yourself. It even has a built-in tennis ball holder so you don't have to worry about losing the ball ever again.

Positive Points about this Product:

First, let me say this product is insanely fun. I love playing with my dog any day of the week but this product improves it further. After a full session of playing with my dog, I'm usually quite tired, achy and my shoulder is begging for a break, however, I noticed I felt far less fatigued after using the blaster and my shoulder hurt significantly less.

Negative Points about this Product:

Honestly, not much. The things I did take note of were minor, but I still made a note to mention them. The loading mechanism can be a tad stiff to pull back at times and you have to give it that extra little tug, this doesn’t happen too often but it did happen once or twice whilst I was out. Also, the tennis ball can have a tendency, as stated on the packaging, to veer left or right of the direction you’re pointing in. Overall, the change in direction is minor and hardly noticeable but just be careful when playing outdoors in case the ball gets lost.

Nerf Dog - Tennis Ball Blaster

Quality of the Product:

After using the product, I would say that the blaster is a high-quality product. The plastic casing is sturdy and even after two or three drops, on grass, it showed no visible signs of damage. The mechanism, as previously stated, is sometimes slightly difficult to move but usually is just fine. The tennis ball provided is a decent quality standard tennis ball, and its cage is perfectly shaped to keep it in place, no matter how much I shook it. I’d give the quality a 4/5.

Standard of the Product:

This product is a mid-range product, there are more expensive and sleeker models such as ‘on-the-floor’ ball launchers. In addition, I feel some people may feel a tad embarrassed using the blaster as it has the appearance of a children’s toy and although it isn’t, at ages 14 and up, people may not like the aesthetic. It is also a huge step up from the ‘original’ ball throwers which are ball holders on a stick and so I feel this product lies snuggly around the mid-point category.

Price of the Product:

I think the retail price is OK for the product, however, our store has it in stock on promotion, so the price is even fairer! I think the price is justified no matter how you use the product however if you are going to use the product a lot or you have back/ shoulder problems then I think that you will get the most out of this product, but that doesn't mean if you're buying this for fun it won't be a worthwhile purchase. I feel that no matter what use you choose to use this for, it’s worth it. I’d give the price a 3/5 (retail).

Nerf Dog - Tennis Ball Blaster


This product is an improvement from the old model, it’s: lighter, more compact, quieter, and easier to use overall but there are a couple of further improvements that could be made to this model. It’s still quite loud and so I wouldn’t use it near residency, or early in the morning. Also, as I stated previously, the blaster has the aesthetic of a children’s toy which may put some people off, so maybe a re-design would help with that.

Fulfilment of Purpose:

The ball really is launched very far, approximately 50ft, and is a very fun toy to play with your dog with. The hands-free loading is perfect and the tennis ball holder never drops the ball. To conclude, this product is wonderful and I would recommend it, 5/5 on purpose.

Review Score - Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster


 Buy this product here: Nerf Dog - Tennis Ball Blaster

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Megan Balmer
Megan Balmer

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