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Summer Picnic with the Dog? Woof Woof!

July 21, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Summer Picnic with the Dog? Woof Woof!


With summer on the way and the holidays approaching what could be better than a picnic with your furry best friend? But what should you bring for your pooch? What can you feed your dog? How can you keep them cool? Here are a few tips and suggestions that'll help you have the best day possible, for you and your dog, without any of the worries.

Paw Protection

The worst thing for your pooch's paws, in the summer, is the hot pavement, this can cause blisters and will be very sore for your dog, therefore when you head out to make sure to walk your dogs on the grass. However, we know this isn't always possible, and shade isn’t always readily available, so why not try I ♥ Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter? It protects their paws from the rough and hot pavement and soothes and relieves dry cracked paws - Pawfect!

Yummy Treats

When it comes to a picnic, we love to pack ourselves some nice treats but we mustn’t forget the dog treats! We recommend baking your own for that extra special touch (See here for recipes). If you’d rather buy some special treats then we have a wide selection of Woofing good treats we know your doggo will love! We especially recommend Pedigree Markies for a quick snack or if you want to give your dog something to chew over then give them a delicious Yakers Long Lasting Dog Chew, whatever you chew-se, we know your dog will love it.

A “Cool” Selection of Toys

Any picnic wouldn’t be complete without outdoor games, so why not get some for your dog? Here at Pet n Pony, we have a special range of toys by All for Paws that are specifically designed to entertain and cool down your pooch. These Include:

Pug in a hoodie

Extra Accessories

With all that playing your dog will probably want to take a rest, but an ordinary bed will be far too hot and your dog will sweat and begin to smell. So why not invest in a Chill Out Fresh Breeze Mat so the air can flow under your pooch, keep them cool and stop them sweating as much. If you’re worried about your fluffy companion overheating when playing, then no worries the Chill Out Ice Bandana directs heat away from your pooch’s neck to cool your doggo on the go. The most important thing for a dog on a hot day is their water, but it’s no good when it’s lukewarm so how about a Chill Out Cooler Bowl? Cold water means a Happy Dog!

 Treats, Toys, Accessories, What’s left?

Well, a picnic as Fur-tastic as this hasn’t got much more to add, however, there is one last thing to add: There are some foods dogs just can’t eat. Unfortunately quite a few of these foods make the home at a picnic, but should never make a home in a dog’s stomach. Think ahead when you plan the picnic: Is this food good for my dog? Because accidents happen no matter how beady-eyed you may be, doggies can be very sneaky when it comes to food. See below for a list of foods your beloved best friend should never eat.

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