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New Year: 5 Things to do before February

January 03, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

New Year: 5 Things to do before February

New Year, New You is something most people say at the start of the new year to signify a new start, but most of the time this doesn't really work out, so instead of making promises you never keep why not get ahead of some horsey chores before February arrives!

1. Get Re-clipping!

Clipping a horse in February can be a really bad idea, as your horse's summer coat will be starting to make an appearance, it'll be ruined as the tip of the coat will have been clipped off, So make sure you clip your horse before their lovely summer coat grows in! When your finishing clipping your horse for the season either send your blades away to be serviced/sharpened, or even get your self a new set of clippers if yours are looking a little worse for wear!

2. Out with the old, Clean up the used and repair the broken!

Clean out all your old chests, trunks and corners, and get rid of all the old broken junk you keep for "old timesake". Your horse is never going to need those broken worn down girths or those bridles which can be barely even be called bridles anymore - get rid of them!

Dirty rugs, mucky saddles and scruffy footwear: Now's the time to clean them and make them just like new - get them ready for when summer eventually comes around!

Broken but repairable? Break out that sewing kit and bring in the polish get your broken tack, clothing or general items back to the way they used to be - get it fixed!

tack cleaning

3. Trailer Touch-up

If you haven't already, get your Trailer winter-ised: Check the tires and replace them if necessary; drain the water out of the tank; top up your anti-freeze and if you feel like it get some bodywork done and get those dints and dents out of your trailer (unless you know that one specific gate post will end up dinting it again!)

trailer cleaning

4. Mark out your Year!

The best way to start a new year is to... yup, plan the year ahead! Mark out competitions lessons, cleaning days whatever you need but get yourself organised for the year ahead, whether its on paper, on your computer or even an app! Whatever you decide to use make sure you and your horse are ready for the year ahead and keep it in plain view at all times!


5. Re-stock your stable!

Low on supplements? Treat supply looking a little low? Or maybe you've ran out of your horses favourite shampoo! Get your stable's restocked this January ready for the year ahead, visit our Equestrian page to restock today!


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