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May 13, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Some horses may seem like an impossible task to keep their weight under control. Are you reducing their feed intake but finding they are a bit sluggish and just not acting their normal selves? This could be showing signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. There is finally a solution for your struggle! Read on to find out more...

Why NAF Slim?

NAF Slim is a very appetizing weight management supplement. It is made to provide those essential micronutrients to the horses that would be missing them when on a restricted diet. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all sourced from mature by a unique blend of ingredients working together with metabolism boosting marine extracts. It works to promote wellbeing for the good do'ers whilst supporting healthy weight loss in a natural way. NAF recommend using it in partnership with a calorie-controlled diet and suitable exercise regime.

It is not recommended for pregnant mares


An overweight horse can cause many problems for their health. There is no other option to just reduce the amount of food they are having, although that can cause further problems to health too from vitamin and mineral deficiency! It could actually create quite a large vet bill as lack of vitamins and minerals could cause them to become seriously ill. The vet bill can now be easily avoided with NAF Slim, one 3.3kg tub can feed your horse for a whole 30 days.

Reviews (NAF Stories)

Beth an 11-year-old Welsh Section D x TB

"Beth is fed Slim and in just 2 weeks along with exercise she has lost a massive 2 1/2 inches off her tummy and nearly 3 inches off the crest of her neck. The shine on her coat is incredible!"


"I bought him in August 2015 weighing 500kg, after feeding him Laminaze and Slim he looks fantastic, is in work and we're looking forward to doing pleasure rides this year"

Directions for use

It needs to be fed daily to naturally balance the diet of horses and ponies prone to weight gain.

600kg+ = 165g per

400-600kg = 110g per day

Up to 400kg = 55g per day

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Helen Best
Helen Best

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