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May 09, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Horse rugs can be quite expensive, therefore keeping the one you have look as brand new as possible for the longest time can be helpful! Check out this simple guide for washing your horse rug and tips on how to store it!

Weatherbeeta Tips and Advice for washing your rug!

  • Remove any dirt, mud and loose hair from your rug using a brush
  • Clean all detergent build up from your detergent dispenser
  • Protect your rug and washing machine by placing the rug in a mesh wash bag to keep all the straps and buckles from swinging around
  • Wash your rug with a recommended rug wash such as Nikwax Rug Wash (available at Pet n Pony click here!
  • Using detergents or fabric conditioners puts the waterproof and breathable coating at risk
  • Add repellence and revitalize breathability by re-proofing your rug for the best results use a reputable and recommended rug proofer such as the Nikwax Rug Proof (available at Pet n Pony click here!)
  • Do not tumble dry!


It is so easy to take the horse rug off and throw it in the corner on the floor of the tack room! However, there are other ways of storing your rug that help keep it looking top quality for longer, that take minutes!

  • Use rug racks that can help keep the rug out straight and off the floor reducing dust, mud and spiders!
  • Simply hang it over their stable door
  • Fold them into a pile on a table in the tack room so they are off the floor where they can be trampled on.

Don't forget to shake it off after use as this can avoid dust building and may even shake off some dried on mud!

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Helen Best
Helen Best

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