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What do you know about Pony Club?

July 12, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

What do you know about Pony Club?

Pony Club can be a fun experience for all equestrian enthusiasts and amateurs alike, whether you are a starter to the equestrian world and want to learn to ride or whether you are looking for a great way to improve your riding skills in a great environment. So, what is Pony Club, what can you do, and why join?

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What is the Pony Club?

Pony Club was founded in England in 1929 and is a global voluntary youth organisation for young people, up to the age of 25, interested in ponies and riding, with over 345 branches and 480 centres in the UK Alone. It spans over 27 countries and has a totalled member count of 110,000 members, crowning it the largest organisation of young riders in the world!

The aims of Pony club are to inspire young people to learn to ride and to take part in various equestrian sports; to help members learn how to properly take care of their horses and to help endorse the proper standards of sportsmanship and self-discipline.

They host, with the aid of sponsors, a range of events and activities such as training, show jumping and exclusive events such as The Pony Club Championships and the Land Rover Regional Championships.

Want to Take Part in Pony Club?

There are two ways you can take part in Pony Club: volunteering and participation.

If you want to volunteer, you can do so at branches, centres, and events. Events, like the Pony Club championships, are always looking for more volunteers, for any length of time, even just half a day is brilliant. Volunteers entirely run pony Club Branches so definitely check to see if any help is needed at your nearest branch!

If you want to take part in Pony Club and are under 25 years of age, then you can join either a branch or a centre.

Branches are for those who either own or loan a horse/pony and have the means to be able to transport them to rallies/events. With a branch membership you can: work up through the grades (from E to A) of the Pony Club standards of Efficiency tests, you can earn badges, work on road safety, and even work towards a coaching certificate. The Pony Club can be an excellent chance for anyone wanting a career in equestrianism.

Centres are for those who do not have a horse/pony, but still want to take part in the Pony Club Activities, Events, and Achievement badges! If members go on to own their own horse, they can either join a Branch or go on to a Centre Plus membership which means they can stay at the centre with their friends and still have most of the benefits of a branch membership!


Thinking of joining a Branch or Centre? Get Geared up!

If you are joining a branch or centre, why not treat yourself or your child to some new tack or a new outfit? 

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What Events are Coming Up?

For events going on in your area check out the Pony Club Calendar:

Flannels Jorrocks Polo Championships, Hurtwood Park, Surrey - 8th August

Flannels Polo Championships, Cowdray Park, West Sussex - 10th to 12th August

Tetrathlon Championships, Offchurch Bury, Warwickshire - 10th to 12th August


Berkeley Group Pony Club Championships:

The Berkeley Group Pony Club Championships is the biggest Pony Club event of the summer, taking place at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire from the 17th to 21st August and hosts a whole range of disciplines.

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