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May 09, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

Spring is here and summer is on the way, and your beautiful garden is in full bloom - but are any of your plants or flowers toxic to your cat or dog? Common houseplants and popular bouquet flowers can actually be dangerous to our four-legged friends! So we put together our guide on the spring garden plants that may actually be toxic or even fatal for your furry friends.



Each plant has a different level of toxicity, varying from mild poisoning to severe even fatal poisoning. If you notice any of the following symptoms and you suspect your pet could have ingested any of these plants, phone the vet as soon as you can. Plants bolded indicate serious/fatal poisoning so if you think your pet has ingest these, even if they do not show symptoms, phone a vet immedietly.

 Symptoms of Plant Poisoning:


Vomiting Blindness Trembling
Diarrhoea Seizures Skin Irritation
Lethargy Excessive/Unusual Drooling Paralysis
Stomach pains Loss of appetite Inability to walk / Collapsed
Hypoventilation Pale gums Increased heart rate


Poisonous Plants in the Spring/Summer*:

Plant Affects?
Allium Both
Aloe Vera Both
Amaryllis Both
Azalea Both
Baby's Breath Both
Birds of Paradise Both
Blood Root Both
Buttercup Both
Chrysanthemum Both
Cornflower Cats
Crocus Both
Daffodil Both
Delphinium Cats
Dumb Cane Both
Foxglove Both
Geranium Cats
Glory Lily Both
Hyacinth Both
Hydrangea Both
Iris Both
Jack in the Pulpit Both
Larkspur Both
Lillies Both
Marigold Cats
Mountain Laurel Both
Peony Both
Poppy Both
Primrose Cats
Privet Tree Leaves Both
Snowdrop Both
Sweet Pea Both
Tulip Both


*This is a list of toxic plants that bloom in summer and spring, if you think your pet has eaten something that is not included in this list, check out any of the following websites and phone your vet if you are still uncertain:

Megan Balmer
Megan Balmer

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