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What to get for a Great Doggy Day Out!

May 22, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

What to get for a Great Doggy Day Out!

With Summer on the way and the hot weather in full swing, you may be thinking of going on a doggy day out or even a holiday location with your furry friends! But where do you start? What do you need to bring? How do you make sure your dog enjoys themselves as much as you do? Well here is PetnPony's guide to things you can get for the perfect doggy outing!

For the Perfect Car Journey 🚗

When travelling with a dog in a car you need to make sure they are suitably restrained and not in danger of overheating. Ensuring this guarantees for a less stressful journey and a much happier dog!

In terms of restraining your dog, either placing them in a crate/cage in the boot or using a dog seatbelt to restrain them in the back of the car, in fact, did you know it is against the law to not restrain your dog?

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A lightweight, sturdy cage, such the Atlas 100 or Atlas 80 can keep your dog, whether medium or large, secure in the boot of your car, and they are designed to fit in most car boots!

For smaller dogs, a harness like the Clix Safe Car Harness, which is made out of adjustable standard seatbelt material, and can either be clipped into the seatbelt or the seatbelt can feed through the extendable handle, securing your dog into the car and allowing for a safe journey.

If you want to protect your interior whilst travelling, and stop them from getting covered in hairs, dirt and sand, then try the Pet Gear Car interior cover collection that’ll prevent just that. 

Staying Cool In the Heat ☀️

When you’re out in the heat with your dog there is a lot of precautions you need to take to make sure your dog safe.

Firstly, always carry a water bottle with you so your dog always has access to water as they can dehydrate easily in hot weather.

Secondly, try to avoid pavements and any surfaces that can heat up and burn your dog’s paws. For protection against burned paws, and to sooth and relieve paws that are dry and cracked, try I ♥ Pet Head: Oatmeal Paw Butter to keep your pet’s paws smooth and healthy.

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Keeping your dog cool is also very important, as they can overheat easily, especially if they have a thick coat and/or are overweight.

If you need to keep your dog cool on the go without much hassle, a great solution is the Hurtta Motivational Cooling Vest, dip it in cool water, wring it out and keeps your dog cool as they go out on their walks or ventures!

For hot days in the garden or a play on the beach, where running around is a given, its much harder to keep them cool as they run about and fetch their favourite toys, but when their toys can cool them down as they play, you don’t even have to worry about keeping your dogs cool, so brands like All for Paws have a great range of toys that do just that!

Taking a Visit to the beach with your dog is a fun day out for the entire family, but taking a wet dog covered in sand back to the car is exactly the opposite of fun! For a cleaner, drier trip home use a WeatherBeeta Dry Dog Bag to dry off your dog and keep all the sand and dirt inside the bag!


Having Fun and Treats! ⚾

Now as much as precautions are always needed, at the end of the day it's all about one thing: Having fun! So here are a few of our favourite toys and treats to keep your dog entertained and happy this spring/summer!

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